Rotisserie Mobile Trailer

Rotisserie AKA Rotta

This Trailer is the largest in our fleet at this time, Length is 8 meters by 2.5 meters wide, 
The trailer can house up to seven staff at large events and produce products at a high-level pace.
Inside this trailer it has, 

  • Two commercial deep fryers 

  • one large hotplate

  • large bain-marie ( food storage area) 

  • large warmer draw 

  • 1 large freezer unit

  • drinks fridge 

  • larger chiller unit 

  • barista coffee machine with Bean grinder 

  • Ice blender 

  • And we cant forget the kitchen Sink 

This trailer has two doors that can be utilized depending on what type of event we are attending, 
the food produced in this trailer is a meal based approach along with our gourmet burgers, check out some of our photos of what comes out the doors, 
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